NCRA Successes in 2018

Here is the tally of NCRA wins and medals for the 2018 racing year:

Nottingham Autumn Head:
1st – J18 1x
1st – WJ18 1x
1st WJ17 1x
WJ16 1x

Walton Small Boats Head:
1st WIM2 1x
1st WNov 1x
1st WSen 1x
2nd WJ16 2x
2nd WIM3 1x
2nd WJ16 1x
3rd WIM3 1x
3rd WNov 1x

GBR Junior Trials (February):
1st J16 1x (Saturday)
1st WJ16 2x (Sunday)

Junior Inter-regional Regatta:
Silver WJ16 4x

Leicester Regatta:
1st Band 1 1x
1st J18 1x
1st J17 1x
1st W1x Band 1
1st WJ18 1x Band 1
1st WJ18 1x Band 2

BUCS Regatta:
Bronze WI LW 1x
Notts City Regatta:
1st W4x
1st WJ16 1x
1st M2x

Notts Club Regatta:
1st J18 2x

British Junior Champs:
Gold WJ18 2x
Silver WJ18 4-
Bronze WJ18 2-