We are NCRA

Based at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire County Rowing Association (NCRA) is one of the most decorated rowing clubs in the UK with over 200 rowers that have won international vests, in lightweight men, and women’s events, Junior, U23, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.

We currently run a successful junior and U23 squad that regularly competes (and wins) at national heads and regattas and our rowers have also represented Great Britain.

If NCRA is the right club for you, please get in touch and see what we can offer.


Why row?

  • Rowing is a non-impact sport, which is good if you suffer from ankle, knee, hip or lower-back pain because of problematic joints.

  • Virtually every joint and muscle in your body is involved in rowing. Rowing allows you to exercise your entire body in one time-efficient workout.

  • Rowing is a non contact sport, which means you can enjoy the thrill of tough competition without the risk of getting injured by one of your competitors.

  • You get to train and race as a team and meet new friends along the way that will last you a lifetime

  • Rowing builds character, and teaches you skills that will stay with you for life

  • Rowing will help tone and strengthen your major muscles and is good for your heart and lungs. The fitter these essential organs are, the lower your risks of suffering heart disease, a heart attack or stroke.