Worcester Spring Regatta Race Report

Byron wins again at Worcester Spring Regatta

Saturday 18th May saw Byron travel to Worcester for their annual Spring Regatta event.

Following a slightly stressful start to the day, (having to wait for a gap in the Triathlon at the lake in order to get the boat out of the bay) we arrived in good time and to near perfect conditions. It was the first time Byron had rowed at Worcester, and having to find your opponent in the adjacent car park prior to each race was novel to say the least. But, it was a good opportunity to be able to speak to your competitor prior to boating together and get to know other young rowers from around the country.

Byron’s half of the draw saw him have to race all 3 legs, whereas the other half had seen people scratch or proceed with a bye. So, conserving his energy during the first two rounds by doing just enough to secure each win left him with enough in the tank for the final.
He powered down the 800m course in his third and final race to a comfortable win over his City Of Bristol opponent.

A well organised event in a lovely location and another pot for the cabinet.

He’s now looking forward to more hard training ahead for the upcoming Summer events.